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Cubicoli privati

With the continuous increase of office buildings, more and more office partitions are favored by people, more and more office partitions enter the market, and more and more brands enter the market, which can reasonably divide large office areas. Known as office desk cubicles or modern office partition. It is the comprehensive demand of modern office partition for environmental protection lighting, sound insulation, flexible design, repeated disassembly and assembly, etc. It is also an inevitable trend of industrial decoration. Its main body and auxiliary parts are processed in the factory, assembled on site, and impact the traditional decoration mode. It incorporates modern decorating ideas. It not only saves office space, but also makes the office environment simple, modern and full of personality. Can be used for public space, reception, negotiation, leisure area, manager and supervisor space, meeting room space, training space, staff space.

Glass cubicle office is to separate the space, add some occlusion to the space, add a layer, and also play the role of beautifying the space, so it needs to be partitioned in many places. First is the foyer. If the hallway is connected to the living room, without a partition, the living room will be unobstructed at a glance. If a partition is made, the space will have a sense of hierarchy, and the shoe cabinet can be combined with the partition to design, and the practical function will not be reduced at all. Next is the living room. In many family living rooms and dining rooms, the division of the two functional areas is not only by means of platforms, lights, ceilings, etc., but a more decorative way is to make a beautiful partition. Some open kitchens are also connected to the living room. It is also an economical and practical design to make a simple and elegant partition at one end of the dining table. In addition, families with smaller rooms, such as shared bedrooms and study rooms, can also make a partition by the bed, so that the light of night reading does not disturb sleep. There are also larger bathrooms that require wet and dry partitions, which can also be separated by partitions.